On-Site Dialysis

On-Site Dialysis

We are proud to inform you of our new services available at Wesley Healthcare. Wesley Healthcare is now offering On-Site hemodialysis  Hemodialysis is a method for removing waste products such as creatinine and urea, as well as free water from the blood when the kidneys are in renal failure. The hemodialysis machine pumps the patient’s blood and the dialysate through the dialyzer (filters the blood). The newest dialysis machines on the market are highly computerized and continuously monitor an array of safety-critical parameters, including blood and dialysate flow rates; dialysis solution conductivity, temperature, and pH; and analysis of the dialysate for evidence of blood leakage or presence of air. In most cases Hemodialysis is done on an outpatient basis either thru an outpatient facility or a hospital. With On-Site Dialysis the patient is able to receive the treatment in the comfort of the facility without having the inconvenience of going to a treatment center for Dialysis, so the transportation difficulties associated with dialysis is eliminated.  Wesley Healthcares On-Site Dialysis is directed by a Board Certified Nephrologist dedicated to provide patients with personal individual care the Director is supported by a team of registered nurses and hemodialysis technicians.

Wesley Healthcare’s Admissions is excepting referrals thru fax at 260-927-2267.

Once the fax is received it will be reviewed thru Wesley Healthcares admission committee. Once a determination is made if your referral is excepted a clinical nurses will assess the resident in person.

If there are any further questions please feel
free to contact Admissions at 260-920-3487.

• Advanced hemodialysis machine
• Comfortable reclining chairs
• Individual flat screen televisions with WiFi
• Experienced staff
• Registered Dietician